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How to use these lesson resources

The programme is aimed at students in key stages 3 - 5 in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or in S1 - S4 in Scotland, with a flexible suite of resources and content, all adaptable to deliver according to age group and to work with existing timetables.  You can simply show a ten-minute video at the start of a curriculum lesson, relating a job to the subject – or you can set aside a whole morning or afternoon and do an in-depth activity based on a workplace tour. And, of course, you can do anything in-between.

Lesson resources for screen

  • Welcome by Abubakar Salim (five minutes) - use this video with the actor and video-game developer to inspire your students with his story of starting his own video-game studio.
  • Sector overview (three minutes) – celebrate the craft industries with this overview of the sub-sector
  • Workplace tour (10 minutes) – go on a tour with renowned video game studio Ubisoft on a research trip to Viking sites in Scandinavia and England. This is a plan for a lesson that can last for a double period of a whole morning or afternoon.  
  • Where I work (approximately ten minutes each) – three industry professionals ranging from an animation coordinator to a head of marketing, talk about their roles. You can use these at the start of a curriculum lesson. On each Where I work page, we show which subjects are referred to in the film and we suggest three or four ice-breaker questions to get the students thinking about careers. Use our At-a-glance-guide to Where I work films to select the appropriate films for your curriculum subject.
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