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Cockpit Arts

About Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Arts is London’s leading studios for contemporary makers and an award-winning social enterprise. See how a weaver, a tailor, a jeweller, a textile artist, a modern embroiderer and a set and costume designer share the studio space and get a glimpse into their lives as artists and craftspeople.

Lesson plan - focus on crafts

This is a plan for a lesson that can last for a double period of a whole morning or afternoon. Students consider what materials could be recycled, upcycled or downcycled to create a craft item for their customers.

For this activity to meet Gatsby Benchmark 5, it can be combined with inviting students to a live Q&A:

Session aims

  • Identify careers in crafts, fashion and textiles
  • Virtually visit a workplace – Cockpit Arts
  • Experience and solve a workplace task/challenge
  • Understand where to find more information on careers in crafts

Session resources

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