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Focus on fashion and textiles (on demand)

Who designs and makes the clothes we wear? Who creates the fabric used in the furnishings that surround us? What does it take to get a design from the cutting table to the shop shelf?

Featuring professionals working across the fashion and textiles industry, this discussion shares real insight into what some of the lesser known job roles entail and how to get into them.  


  • Chair: Celia Thornley, Skills and Training Manager at UKFT 
  • Lottie Watkinson, Business Development Manager at Social & Labor Convergence Program
  • Annabel Wright, Sampling Coordinator at MAES London
  • Rebecca Sampson, Garment and Fabric Development Manager at English Fine Cotton
  • Katie Andrews, Bespoke Tailor and Production Supervisor at Samuel Brothers Ltd

This online insight took place in May 2023.

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