For teachers and career leaders

Meet the Gatsby benchmarks

Discover! Creative Careers Programme has been designed to help you enable students to find their way into the creative industries.  Here's how we can help you to use the resources in your school and meet more of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

For Gatsby benchmark one... explore this website and in particular use Explore careers to ensure that creative careers are part of your stable careers programme.

For Gatsby benchmarks two and three... use our lesson plans to open minds to creative job opportunities and help students identify how their skills fit within them. You could use Introducing the creative industries, Finding a role for you or our video programme, which will be available in National Careers Week, March 2021.

For Gatsby benchmark four... link your existing curriculum plans to creative careers, for example, in maths you could discuss production budget sheets, in English, you could try out script-writing or in art you could put on exhibitions, giving students the chance to try out roles like curator, event organiser and social media promoter. Use our Tutor time resources as useful content to build activities around.

For Gatsby benchmark five… connect with our partner Speakers for Schools to apply to host industry professionals in your school AND join one of their many online broadcast talks from a range of speakers here.

For Gatsby benchmark six... connect with employers who offer Virtual Work Experience and Discovery Workshops through Speakers for Schools.

Look at our Explore opportunities section to see if there are any employers offering resources or online events for your students.

For Gatsby benchmark seven...Look at our Meet creative professional films produced by creative industry-specialist providers for videos that can be used to kickstart learning.

For information on which online activities count as a meaningful encounter with employers (Gatsby benchmark five) and workplace experiences (Gatsby benchmark six), download: Guidance on scoring online employer engagement in Compass (PDF)