Lesson plans

Lesson plan: Introduction to freelancing

Learning objectives

With over 32% of the workforce in the creative industries being self-employed compared to 16% of the total UK workforce, it's vital that those entering the jobs market understand what it takes to be a freelancer. This lesson plan and accompanying resources are packed full of information needed to understand what it takes to have a sustainable freelance career in the creative industries. 

The lesson has been designed for years  9 - 11, it's a 2 hour or half day lesson and structured in the following four parts:

  • What is freelancing?
  • What does a freelance career look like?
  • To freelance or not to freelance?
  • How do you build a sustainable freelance career?

Lesson objective: To be able to know, understand and evaluate the benefits of being a freelancer within the creative industries

Aim: To introduce students to freelancing within the creative industries and understand the various steps involved to create a successful freelance career

Literacy: Introduction of associated terminology, reading and understanding regular tasks and pros/cons through matchmaking, reading and understanding roles

Numeracy: Analysis of statistics, budgets and understanding accounting

Gatsby benchmarks:
Benchmark 2 - Learning from career and labour market information.

Lesson planner, slides and accompanying worksheets

Click on the links to download the lesson planner,  slides and the student worksheet for this lesson.

Please note, the Powerpoint slides include the following four films that are embedded from Vimeo:




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As a seasoned freelancer, Alison has revolutionised the careers of thousands of others with her bestselling book, The Freelance Bible, which was published by Penguin in 2020. Considering Alison is a successful entrepreneur who has established her own businesses, such as Mission Accomplished, it is clear why many creative enterprises demand her support as a consultant and non-exec.

Much of Alison's senior management experience is in the media industries, concerning international television and film production, rights management, and strategy. She also has formal academic training (INSEAD MBA) and is a Nesta-accredited Creative Enterprise Trainer. Alison sits on the UK Council for Creative UK, is on the Digital Leadership Board for the Centre for New Midlands and a Governor at BOA Stage and Screen Production Academy.

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