Customer service assistant

Also known as:

Front-of-house assistant, admission and bookings assistant, visitor assistant

What does a customer service assistant in the creative industries do?

Customer service assistants are the voice or face of an organisation. They are often the first person that a visitor of customer has contact with when they come to see a show or look at a collection. They might issue tickets, show people to their seats, show people around and deal with complaints.

Customer service assistants are found in any sector.  But the great thing about being a customer service assistant in the creative industries is that you are helping people to have fun.  You might be working in an exquisite and fascinating building or at the theatre door of a great show. Your role is to make it easy for people to enjoy these treasures and to enjoy them yourself.

Which creative industries need customer service assistants?

Theatres: front-of-house assistants

In theatres, customer service assistants are usually known as front-of-house staff. They welcome the audience, show them to their seats and sell food, drinks and merchandise. They manage the ticket sales in person and over the phone and make sure the front-of-house area looks tidy. For further information go to:  Get into Theatre – what do front-of-house staff do?

Heritage: admission and bookings assistant

Many heritage sites, like castles and cathedrals, charge admission fees to visitors. Admissions and booking assistants sell the tickets in person or on the phone. They welcome visitors and record how many have people have visited over specific periods. For further information go to:  National Trust – visitor services

Museums: visitor services

Visitor services staff greet the visitors to museums and art galleries and are often expected to take guided tours. They also staff the information desk, answer general inquiries and may well run the shop and the café too. For further information go to:  Museums Association - visitor services

What’s a customer services assistant in the creative industries good at?

  • Being friendly: talk to anyone who contacts the organisation, able to listen to them and handle their concerns
  • Communication: write and talk clearly, be able to listen and explain
  • Using initiative: deal with unexpected situations, think of better ways of doing things
  • Attention to detail: enter information into computer systems accurately
  • Love of your creative industry: whatever industry you choose – theatre, heritage, cinema – have a passion for it

Where can being a customer services assistant take me?

Being a customer servicers assistant is a good route into many roles within the creative industries.  With experience, you could become a front-of-house manager in theatre, a visitor experience director in heritage or the director of a museum or art gallery.

How do I become a customer service assistant in the creative industries?

To become a customer service assistant in the creative industries you need to combine your customer service skills with your passion for theatre, film, heritage or whatever creative industry you would like to be part of. So get to know that industry. Go to heritage sites. Go to the theatre. Get to know people by volunteering.  Keep up your interest.

If you can’t find a job in the creative industries straight away, you could apply for a customer service assistant role in another sector and then transfer your skills into your chosen area.

 For information on what to study go to National Careers Service: Customer service assistant.