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Curriculum subjects

English, computer science, business studies, PSHE



Tigho Feldman, Head of Human Resources & Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the London-based contemporary dance company Rambert, talks about the importance of the ‘lesser known’ roles such as hers within the creative industries. Tigho also takes us through her career journey so far and gives some useful advice for students interested in pursuing a career in human resources.


Ice-breaker questions

  • What does Tigho discuss with the company’s line managers after they’ve conducted appraisals with their team members?
  • Tigho talks about the importance of transferable skills that can be gained in any job, including part-time jobs you may have now. What transferable skills have you developed through extra-curricular activities, hobbies or employment?
  • Tigho gained a formal HR qualification further into her career, what was it called?


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Visit the Creative & Cultural Skills and One Dance UK websites to learn more.

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