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HighTide Theatre

Curriculum subjects

Maths and drama


HighTide is a theatre company and charity based in East Anglia that has an unparalleled history of successfully launching the careers of emerging and diverse British playwrights. HighTide productions are challenging, contemporary and political, and have been staged at the highest quality theatres across the UK. Suba Das (Artistic Director) and Aisha Zia (Playwright) talk about their roles in theatre.

Ice-breaker questions

  • What is an artistic director responsible for?
  • What did you learn from Aisha in terms of experience and skills required to become a playwright?
  • What was Aisha’s writing process and did it surprise you?
  • What other roles in theatre does Suba list?

Want to know more?

Visit the Get Into Theatre website to learn more about the role of playwright and artistic director.

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