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Carse & Waterman

Curriculum subjects

Art, drama, English, music, media studies, computer science


Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Carse & Waterman are an award-winning company producing 2D and 3D animated content for websites, social media, TV and film. In this video we meet three of their team members: Company director and co-founder Daniel, Junior 2D animator Emily and 2D artist/texturer/2d animator Ashley, who share insight into the world of animation, what their roles involve and what they enjoy about their jobs. 

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Ice-breaker questions

  • During the film we hear about Ashley being inspired by animations and films and looking up the credits to find out about the different people who made them - can you research the team behind your favourite animated film or content? Are there any roles that surprise you? 
  • In the film Daniel share's the Disney quote 'animation is the most powerful communication tool known to mankind', do you agree? Why do you think it's so powerful?
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