Lesson plans

Lesson plan: Focus on music

Learning objectives

This lesson is designed for secondary school students in years 7 - 13, tasks can be adapted to suit different year groups. It's designed to be 60 minutes although it can be adapted. 

Lesson objective: To be able to name music industry roles they hadn’t heard of before. Be able to communicate types of activities and skills the music industry contains.

Aim: To improve understanding of – and interest in – variety of jobs and skills in the music industry. To empower young people who may want to work in music with inspiring role models, facts, and figures about tangible career choices.

Curriculum links:

Literacy: Discussing words used in music industry
Numeracy: Analysis of statistics. Comparing data sets. Looking at regional data.

Gatsby benchmarks:

Benchmark 2 - Learning from career and labour market information.
Benchmark 3 - Addressing the needs of each pupil.
Benchmark 4 - Linking curriculum learning to careers
Benchmark 8 - Personal guidance

Lesson planner, slides and accompanying worksheets

Click on the links to download the lesson plan, slideshow and worksheets for this lesson. 

Please note, the Powerpoint slides include the following films that are embedded from Vimeo:

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UK Music is the collective voice of the UK’s world-leading music industry. They represent all sectors of the industry – bringing them together to collaborate, campaign, and champion music. Find out more about UK Music and explore their career resources at ukmusic.org.