Web editor

Also known as

Content designer, web content designer, digital editor, online content producer

What does a web editor do?

Web editors are responsible for the text, images and videos on an organisation’s website and often its social media too.

The job involves finding out what users of the website need from the website. It also involves understanding the organisation well enough to be able to tell its story.  From this research, web editors devise a content plan. They work out what images and videos need to be made and what words need to be written.

Web editors might be managing a team of people who are creating the content.  If so, they need to explain to the team how the content should be made and make sure it gets done on budget and on time.

They know how to write in an organisation’s style, how to optimise web content for search, how to work with basic HTML code and how to measure the success of a website using analytics.

Web editors are needed in many businesses.  For people with a passion for the creative industries, there are openings as web editors with organisations like theatres, fashion houses, advertising companies and firms of architects.


What’s a web editor in the creative industries good at?

  • Writing: be able to write very well, with particular attention to grammar and punctuation and house style
  • Knowledge of media production: make videos and images or commission other people to create them
  • Attention to detail: spot small errors in text and videos, sort out problems with formatting and coding when they arise
  • Communication: listen to the needs of users and colleagues, work well with others, explain ideas clearly
  • Creativity: have an interest if your organisation and pro-actively imagine news ways of telling its story

Where can being a web editor take me?

Most organisations need web editors, so once you have experience, you can try to work for the organisations you enjoy the most.  Or you could expand your skills to become a website designer too and set up your own business.

How do I become a web editor?