Press officer

Also known as

Public relations officer, publicity manager, communications officer, media officer, publicist

What does a press officer in the creative industries do?

Press officers make sure that an organisation, like a library or a theatre, or a product, like a book or a film, gets good coverage in newspapers, on radio, television and through social media.

They get to know bloggers and journalists in newspapers, on radio and television. And they plan publicity campaigns for whatever organisation, product or person they are responsible for. They write and edit press releases, organise press conferences, write copy for websites and create content for social media.

Press officers are often the ones who speak on behalf of an organisation.  If a library or museum is in the news, it might be the press officer that speaks to the journalist.

Being a press office in the creative industries can give you the opportunity to create stories abut things you’re passionate about.  You could be involved in fashion – without having to sew; promote films – without having to make them; take part in art – without having to draw.


What’s a press officer in the creative industries good at?

  • Understanding the media: have good contacts in the film and media industries, know the needs of journalists in print, TV, radio and online
  • Writing: write promotional stories, create press packs, devise release plans
  • Working under pressure: think quickly in stressful situations
  • Resilience: take criticism, stay optimistic when things aren’t going to plan
  • Passion: love your industry or product, believe in what you’re promoting


Where can being a press officer take me?

You could end up anywhere in the world as a press officer in the creative industries. You could become a publicist for the film industry or a fashion house.  Or you could work to develop a cause you believe him by working in the heritage industry or for library service.

How do I become a press officer in the creative industries?

To become a press officer in the creative industries you need to combine carpentry media with your passion for books, fashion, theatre, film, heritage or whatever creative industry you would like to be part of.  So get to know that industry. Watch films. Go to the theatre. Read books. Go to festivals. Get to know people by volunteering. Keep up your interest. And while you’re doing that, get yourself qualified.