Marketing manager

Also known as

Brand manager, account manager

What does a marketing manager in the creative industries do?

Marketing managers in the creative industries work out how to promote a theatre, a film, a video game, a dance studio, a fashion label or anything else that’s the product of a creative process.

Marketing managers might start with researching the market – finding out who is likely to want to go to a show or buy a game of piece of jewellery. They might be involved with creating the logo and brand that will appeal to that market.  Then they figure out how they are going to get the attention of those people, whether that be through social media, advertising campaigns, newsletters, posters or events. This is known as creating a campaign.

They manage the launch of the film, show or new products and plan all the publicity it. They track the effectiveness of their campaigns to find ways of improving it.

The extent of the role varies depending on the size of the organisation for which you are working.  In video games, for example, marketing managers might be involved in the research before a game is even commissioned to see if it will appeal to gamers. In larger companies, the majority of the marketing is done once the game is almost ready to be released.


What’s a marketing manager in the creative industries good at?

  • Passion: know the creative industry you are interested in, understand it, champion it
  • Market awareness: be able to analyse the different kinds of people who will want to buy the tickets or products of your creative industry, use data to do this
  • Planning: schedule the work that needs to be done for a campaign, work with a budget
  • Communication: write compelling copy, engage people from a wide range of backgrounds, share the vision with a team
  • Social media: use social media platforms and scheduling software

Where can being a marketing manager take me?

If you’re skilled and experienced in marketing, there are openings for you in almost any industry.  With experience you could move on from marketing to manage a company.  Or you could set up your own business as a marketing consultant.

How do I become a marketing manager in the creative industries?

To become a marketing manager in the creative industries you need to combine skills as a marketing manager with your passion for music, heritage, fashion or whatever creative industry you would like to be part of.  So get to know that industry. Volunteer to do social media for an organisation that interests you.

Meanwhile, get yourself trained and qualified in marketing.  You can do that through a university course, an apprenticeship or by applying for junior roles.