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Development officer

What does a fundraiser in the creative industries do?

Fundraisers raise the money that enables creative organisations to do their work. Many creative organisations like theatres, ballet companies and arts centres are charities, dependent on grants and donations alongside ticket sales.

Fundraisers come up with ideas for raising money. They find out what grants are available and write applications. They implement schemes to enable individuals to donate to their organisations on an ongoing basis.  They think up one-off fundraising events, like auctions or galas.  They devise ways in which businesses can sponsor their organisation.

They control budgets, keep records and write reports on the fundraising performance.

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What’s a fundraiser in the creative industries good at?

  • Creativity: think of ideas for raising funds
  • Meeting people: understanding them, getting to know them, persuading them to support the cause
  • Writing: be able to tell a story, present the case, write reports
  • Maths: be confident with figures, understand budgets and accounts
  • Passion for the arts: believe in the cause of your organisation

Where can being a fundraiser take me?

With experience you could go on to management positions in a creative organisation or you could become self-employed and be a consultant.

How do I become a fundraiser?

Becoming a fundraiser is as much about your passion for your industry as your qualifications.  Get to know the creative organisations as well as you can and demonstrate that you believe in what they do. Volunteer to help in whatever way is needed – answer the phone, help with social media.