Catering manager

What does a catering manager in the creative industries do?

Catering managers supply the food.  They work in the film industry, making sure the cast and crew are fed.  They work in events supplying cooking up dinners at festivals or concerts.  They work in theatres, art galleries or museums running cafés.

They plan what’s going to be on the menu. They choose the food based on a variety of different factors, including availability of supplies, cost, cooking requirements and whether the customers like it. They recruit the staff to prepare and cook it and organise the rotas.  They make sure the food is ordered and that it’s prepared safely.

If you want to be a catering manager in the creative industries, you might work for a company that specialises in providing food for the film or fashion industries or to theatres.  Alternatively, once you have qualifications and experience, you might want to set up your own business and choose which events and organisations you supply food for.


What’s a catering manager in the creative industries good at?

  • Preparing food: have a passion for good food, understand why it matters, know how to prepare food safely, efficiently and creatively
  • Communication: lead a team, ensure everyone knows what’s required of them
  • Organisation: planning the menu, organising the rotas, ordering the supplies, making sure food gets where it needs to be on time
  • Working under pressure: able to make good decisions in stressful situations
  • Service: have a passion for the sector in which you’re working and a care for the people eating your food

How do I become a caterer in the creative industries?

  • Get yourself qualified. Go to National Careers Service: catering manager for full details of how to do that.
  • Get to know your chosen creative industry. Look at the Creative Careers Programme list of partners to find websites about your industry. Get to know people by volunteering. Network online through Facebook groups and other social sites. Find out as much as you can about the industries that you enjoy and you will be in a strong position when you apply for jobs.

Where can being a catering manager take me?

Over time and with experience you could become the catering manager for very large events or TV shows. Or you might want to indulge you passion by being a niche provider of services to whatever creative industry you care about.