Critically acclaimed poet Luke Wright celebrates working in the creative industries

To mark the Discover Creative Careers 2023 - 2025 programme launch, we commissioned critically-acclaimed poet Luke Wright to write a brand-new poem celebrating working in the creative industries. 

Having not received any advice about a possible career path in literature, Wright has since spent years building his experience across myriad roles and now tours his work worldwide. 

Creativity and Industry, written by Luke Wright

I know, it’s terrifying, isn’t it?
To scroll and endless screen of unlived lives, 
to land on one
and say, of course, that’s me.
That’s who I’ll be
until I’m creaky at the knees
and have no option but to stop.

You’ve scarcely had the chance
to look inside and work out what you’ve got
and now somehow you’re supposed
to gaze off down a blurry road
and work out where the potholes lurk.

But know that there is not one thing
that you can’t do
perhaps you’ll need an aptitude
but mostly it’s just graft and passion.
So chose a road you’ll want to travel on
be part of something that excites you

What about the creative industries?
It’s something they might try to steer you clear of
shake their heads and say
that’s not for you
that’s for arty types in pink cravats
That it’s posh and for the privileged
and only happens down in London
with drama games and jazz hands
and *gulp* poetry.

But that’s not true.
The creative industries includes:
media and advertising
museums, animation, crafts
video games and publishing

And if you think you are not “creative”
that that’s not where you skill set lies
Remember it’s an industry of creativity 
and it can only survive
if it is organised, supported and maintained.
Ever see a poet attempts their taxes?
That’s a world of pain 
Our industry needs managers, administrators, technicians, coders
it needs drivers, sales people, catering, roadies.

Next time you watch a film, read the credits
see past the band at a gig 
and imagine the backstage
hundreds, maybe thousands of people pulling together
to make something beautiful.
Because creativity is beautiful 
And that’s what we do
and if you want, you can be a part of that too.

About Luke Wright
After a quarter of a century on stages across the world Luke Wright is a poet and raconteur at the top of his game.

Both brazen and elegiac, Wright’s poems pull on the tidy hem of responsible existence to unravel the frustrations of the family, politics and masculinity in 21st century Britain.

He marries his inventive writing with breath-taking performance skills to take audiences on an incredible emotional journey. He’s the regular tour support for John Cooper Clarke and often MCs shows for The Libertines. He’s a regular on Radio 4 and has won a Fringe First for writing , a Stage Award for performance, and four Saboteur Awards.

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