For teachers and career leaders

Tutor time: Myth busting videos

People who work in the creative industries explain what it's really like in 90 seconds in this series of films. Each video explores a common myth about working in the creative industries by those who have found the reality to be quite different. 
Each myth presents a good tutor-time discussion topic which can be introduced by the film . You can flex how much time you spend on this activity according to how much time you have available. The films could also provide a good ice-breaker for PSHE sessions.

Myth: You need a degree to work in TV

Pippa Perriman, a location coordinator in the TV industry explains why that isn't true.

Myth: You need to be good at creative subjects to work in creative industries

Michael Rogers, junior production manager, talks about the huge variety of roles that exist in the creative industries

Myth: Technical roles are male-dominated

Remi Buchanan, TV lighting technician, is a great example of how women can excel in technical roles

Myth: You have to be a talented artist to be 3D modeler

Bradley Milner, 3D generalist/ modeler/ artist, explains that creative skills can be learned on the job

Myth: Museum collections gather dust and don't get used

Amy Trafford, curational assistant, explains that collections can be of interest to all sorts of people from all over the world

Myth: A specialist degree is required to work in games development

Katey Peaker, user researcher, always wanted a career in games and loves her job despite not having a specialist degree in games development