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Focus on Craft

Focus on Craft

Thursday 9th November, 10am - 10.45am

Focus on Craft online insight

Craft generates £3.4 billion for the UK economy each year and there are nearly 150,000 people employed in the craft economy, which exists in all industries from aerospace, film, TV, marketing, architecture and more. There are also over 11,500 craft businesses which vary in size, from independent makers selling their own work to small-medium companies. 

But how do craftspeople discover their craft and go about pursuing it as a career? Delivered in collaboration with Cockpit, this online event will include a live workplace tour of some of the studios and makers based at one of their award-winning London hubs. We'll meet five makers who will show us the tools of their trade and share insight into their own career journeys so far. 

Cockpit is a centre for excellence in craft, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity. They are an award-winning social enterprise, home to 160 independent creative businesses in London. Find out more about Cockpit at cockpitstudios.org.

You can also find out more about careers in craft and explore job profiles on the Crafts Council website.