Get to know the creative industries

Get to know the creative industries: Yorkshire & Humber

Get to know the creative industries: Yorkshire & Humber

Thursday 4th July, 3-4pm

The creative industries are everywhere – they exist in the clothes we wear, the films we watch, the museums we visit, the buildings around us, the games on our phones, the ads we encounter and much more. Given this, it’s no surprise that the world-leading sector accounts for 2.3 million jobs, 200,000 more than there were in 2019 before the pandemic.

In these FREE online awareness raising sessions we aim to introduce professionals working in careers guidance to the various job roles and career pathways into the creative industries, whilst providing local industry insight. 

The session for careers professionals based in the Yorkshire & Humber and will be delivered by Margaret Burgin, Head of Careers at ScreenSkills who is based in the region.

The free 60 minute session will cover:

  • Understanding the creative industries – who and what are we?
  • Working in the sector – what does this look like?
  • How you can help – let’s work together to ensure young people are well informed about the job roles and pathways within the creative industries

The Yorkshire & Humber session will include insight into the creative industries in the following areas:

Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds, York and Hull.

Who is it for?

The session is open to anyone who supports careers guidance and advice for young people, including: 

  • Careers leaders
  • Careers co-ordinators
  • Careers advisers
  • Teachers
  • Deputy and headteachers
  • HE/FE principals
  • School library/resource staff
  • Personal development coaches

About Margaret Burgin

As Head of Careers at ScreenSkills, Margaret provides careers information for anyone wanting to get into film, TV, visual effects animation and games. She joined ScreenSkills from the BBC where she managed outreach projects, employment schemes, conferences and large events. She also worked with UK schools and universities on behalf of the BBC and was involved with the design and delivery of career training and resources. Margaret was part of the team which moved the BBC into Media City UK in Salford, where she worked on some early apprenticeships and innovative employment schemes. She started out as a journalist in local radio in the north of England. Margaret is based in Greater Sheffield.