Industry partners win awards for careers programmes

Congratulations to CCP industry partners Jonathan Jacobs and his team at Global Academy for winning London Enterprise Advisor Network’s (LEAN) careers ‘Innovative Project of the Year’ for their Creative Industries Festival delivered in July.

Congratulations also to Amy Smith and the team at Framestore for their nomination in the same category. Great to see the creative industries leading the way in careers innovations. I hope this will encourage more of you to join in over the coming year.

Further congratulations to Global Academy’s Enterprise Advisor (EA) Margaret Newman for winning ‘Partnership of the Year’ and showing just how rewarding the roe of EA can be.

By volunteering as an Enterprise Advisor, you can share insight into your industry, help young people to prepare for work in your sector, develop your own knowledge of the education sector and gain management level skills, as well as giving back to your local community. There are hundreds of Enterprise Advisors from world-leading companies like Framestore, the BBC, the National Gallery, Microsoft, Gloss Media, and the Merlin Entertainment Group. Find out how you can get involved and sign up to join them here.

Jonathan Jacobs from Global Academy collecting his LEAN ‘Innovative Project of the Year’ Award and the LEAN Celebration event 19/09/2019